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Ofsted say 'We Are A Good School'

Ofsted say 'We Are A Good School' 1

Please take the time to look through our Gallery, it is filled with photographs that show all the fun and exciting events that take place in the Academy.

Wear Pink Day for CLIC Sargent charity

Wear Pink Day for CLIC Sargent charity 1
Wear Pink Day for CLIC Sargent charity 2
Wear Pink Day for CLIC Sargent charity 3

Year 4 Residential to Ullesthorpe Scout Camp

Academy Prime Minister Election

Academy Prime Minister Election 1
Academy Prime Minister Election 2
Academy Prime Minister Election 3
Academy Prime Minister Election 4
Academy Prime Minister Election 5
Academy Prime Minister Election 6
Academy Prime Minister Election 7
Academy Prime Minister Election 8
We held our own election for an Academy Prime Minister. All children and staff were asked to vote in our polling station for who they wanted to be elected. All votes were then counted and checked. Congratulations to our winner.

Happy Shoesday

Happy Shoesday 1
Happy Shoesday 2
Happy Shoesday 3
Happy Shoesday 4
We took part in Living Streets walk to school week and also their 'Happy Shoesday'. Children came to school with their favourite pair of shoes and donated £1. We raised a total of £221.72 We also asked for any unwanted shoes to be donated for adults and children in rural Africa with Africa's Gift Charity.

Easter Fun at Queensmead

Easter Fun at Queensmead 1
Easter Fun at Queensmead 2
Easter Fun at Queensmead 3
Easter Fun at Queensmead 4
Easter Fun at Queensmead 5
Easter Fun at Queensmead 6
Easter Fun at Queensmead 7
Easter Fun at Queensmead 8
Easter Fun at Queensmead 9
Easter Fun at Queensmead 10
Easter Fun at Queensmead 11
Easter Fun at Queensmead 12
We had a creative afternoon for Easter and also held a parent / carer decorate a Easter hat competition. Congratulations to Cortez and Julia's mum who won the prizes.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 1
Red Nose Day 2
Red Nose Day 3
Red Nose Day 4
Red Nose Day 5
Red Nose Day 6

Children and staff came to school dressed in red along with their red noses and wristbands to show their support for Red Nose Day. Children that took part donated £1 to the charity.

The school council were also sold red noses and wristbands during break times throughout the week. We raised a total of £327.10

World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017 1
World Book Day 2017 2
World Book Day 2017 3
World Book Day 2017 4
World Book Day 2017 5
World Book Day 2017 6
World Book Day 2017 7
World Book Day 2017 8
World Book Day 2017 9
World Book Day 2017 10
World Book Day 2017 11

St Annes Church Wednesday Club

St Annes Church Wednesday Club 1
St Annes Church Wednesday Club 2
The Choir also performed at St Anne's Wednesday Club.

Young Voices 2017

Young Voices 2017 1
Young Voices 2017 2
Young Voices 2017 3
Young Voices 2017 4
Young Voices 2017 5
The Choir performed at Young Voices along with around 6000 other children. A fantastic experience for all involved.

'Have a Heart' Day

'Have a Heart' Day 1
'Have a Heart' Day 2
'Have a Heart' Day 3
'Have a Heart' Day 4
To help raise awareness of the closure of the Glenfield Heart Unit, we took part in the have a heart day and asked children to wear red and donate £1. All donations went to Heartlink. We raised a total of £287. Thank you to everyone that donated.

Year 1 Phonics Cafe

Year 1 Phonics Cafe 1
Year 1 Phonics Cafe 2
Year 1 Phonics Cafe 3
Year 1 Phonics Cafe 4
Mrs Handford-Glaze held a Phonics Cafe to help parents understand Phonics. To view the presentation click here

Crafty Christmas

Crafty Christmas 1
Crafty Christmas 2
Crafty Christmas 3
Crafty Christmas 4
Parents were invited into the academy to take part in our 'Crafty Christmas' which aims to give parents ideas of creative activities they can do with their children.

Winter Fair

Winter Fair 1
Winter Fair 2
Winter Fair 3
Winter Fair 4
Winter Fair 5
Winter Fair 6
Winter Fair 7
Winter Fair 8
Winter Fair 9
Winter Fair 10
We raised £801.50 at this years Winter Fair. We had a visit from Santa in his Grotto, and also a giant bouncy snow globe.

Decorations Morning 2016

Decorations Morning 2016 1
Decorations Morning 2016 2
Decorations Morning 2016 3
Decorations Morning 2016 4
Decorations Morning 2016 5
Decorations Morning 2016 6
Decorations Morning 2016 7
Decorations Morning 2016 8
Decorations Morning 2016 9
Decorations Morning 2016 10
Decorations Morning 2016 11
Decorations Morning 2016 12
Here are some of the wonderful creations that the children made on Decorations Morning.

Children in Need 2016

Children in Need 2016 1
Children in Need 2016 2
Children in Need 2016 3
Children in Need 2016 4
Children in Need 2016 5
Children in Need 2016 6
Children in Need 2016 7
Children in Need 2016 8
Children in Need 2016 9
Children in Need 2016 10
Children in Need 2016 11
Children in Need 2016 12
We raised £286 for Children In Need. Children took part in 'The Big Spotacular' to raised money for this great charity.

Family Pumpkin Carving

Family Pumpkin Carving 1
Family Pumpkin Carving 2
Family Pumpkin Carving 3
Family Pumpkin Carving 4
Family Pumpkin Carving 5
Family Pumpkin Carving 6
Family Pumpkin Carving 7
Family Pumpkin Carving 8
Family Pumpkin Carving 9
Family Pumpkin Carving 10
Family Pumpkin Carving 11
Family Pumpkin Carving 12
Family Pumpkin Carving 13
Family Pumpkin Carving 14
We had another good turnout for our 'Family Pumpkin Carving' session. Lots of scary pumpkin faces were made by children with the help of their parents/carers.

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2016

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2016 1
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2016 2
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2016 3
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2016 4
We raised an amazing £131 for MacMillan from our coffee morning. Huge thanks to everyone that donated.

'Time For Me' morning for parents/carers

'Time For Me' morning for parents/carers 1
'Time For Me' morning for parents/carers 2
'Time For Me' morning for parents/carers 3
'Time For Me' morning for parents/carers 4

We held this event for parents and carers to have a few hours of relaxation after the long summer holidays, they learnt how to make a facial exfoliator took part in many more craft activities. They also had lots of free tea and cake !

Roald Dahl Dress Up Day

Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 1
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 2
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 3
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 4
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 5
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 6
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 7
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 8
Roald Dahl Dress Up Day 9
To celebrate 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl we asked staff and children to dress up as their favourite character from one of Roald Dahl's many fantastic books and poems.