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Queensmead Primary Academy

Financial Education

At Queensmead we believe that financial education is a key learning priority for our children to support their future choices including those related to aspirations and lifestyle.  We are dedicated to enhancing our curriculum with real life contexts and strive to support staff in doing this.

Understanding about money is a thread which runs through the whole curriculum – not just in maths! We have developed an engaging and inspiring learning programme which reflects our commitment to ensuring that pupils have a clear understanding of ‘money matters!’

We are currently working towards becoming a ‘Centre of Excellence ‘for financial education  and are being supported by ‘Young Money’ to achieve this.

Our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that pupils experience a range of opportunities to learn about the value of money and how money works as part of our society. We encourage them to explore ways to use money which take into account the real-life pressures of adhering to a budget.

Our Enterprise week offered pupils the chance to design and run their own business making and selling items for the school summer fair - altogether the school raised £761.77.

Pupils plan and  organise their own money—raising events such as cake stalls and non-uniform days.







Our most recent competition asked pupils to plan and budget for a family day out costing £20. The prize was the £20 to pay for the day out!