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Queensmead Primary Academy

Speech,Language and Communication Difficulties

There are different sorts of speech, language and communication difficulties.

A child can have difficulties with:

  • ​Making the right sounds for speech (speech production difficulties)
  • Understanding or using language (receptive and expressive language difficulties)
  • Communicating and making relationships with others (related to Autistic Spectrum Disorders)
  • Stammering

These difficulties can be picked up before they start school by the parents, Health Visitor or GP and a referral to Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) made.

Or they can be picked up once the child starts school.  Often the difficulties are more obvious when the child comes into contact with people who don't know him/her so well and are not used to the way s/he speaks.

The Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) who works with our school is:

Lynette Law

Though other SALTs may see Queensmead children in clinic.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is linked to speech and language difficulties and is classed as a communication difficulty.