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Queensmead Primary Academy

Maths Challenges

Could you be a Maths Detective?

Every month we set a new Maths challenge for pupils to take part in. Some of these can be done at home with your parents/carers. All entries need to be placed in the box next to the Maths display or enter online using the form. 

Why not have a go with your child this month?

Don't forget to enter before the deadline. 

Please submit your entry for this month's challenge using the online Maths Challenge entry form on the top right of this page.
June 24

Friday 28th June The answer is 27

Thank you to the many children that entered and found the solution. The randomly selected winner is Chayse in Yr 4.

A prize and certificate will be awarded.


How many of each fruit can you see in the pictures below?


Deadline extended to Friday 28th June There are 27 lemons and 20 peaches.

Congratulations to Olive in Yr 4 who estimated correctly.

A prize and certificate will be awarded.


How many mini eggs do you think are in one 80g bag of mini eggs?

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Bag 80g

Extra Challenge: If each 80g bag of mini eggs costs £1.50, how much does one mini egg cost (using your estimate)?

Friday 12th April

There are 25 mini eggs in the bag. 

Extra Challenge:

One mini egg would cost 6p each.


Congratulations to Max in Yr 4 who guessed the closest.

A prize and certificate will be awarded.

January/ February

Friday 1st March. Deadline extended until 12th April There are 28 triangles.

Well done to Kingsley in Yr 2 who guessed the closest.

A prize and certificate will be awarded.

December  Please complete the ChristMATHS challenges for every school day in December. These can be found on the menu to the right.     The winner of the Christmaths challenges was Katerina in Yr 4. A maths game prize and certificate will be awarded.
November 2023

How many triangles can you find?


Friday 1st December There are 27 triangles. The closest entry was Peter in Yr 6 who estimated 26 triangles. A small prize and certificate will be awarded.
October 2023


Friday 3rd November 2023 There are 11 squares. Congratulations to Jagoda and Imogen in Yr 6 who answered correctly. Both will receive a small prize and a certificate.
September 2023

How many marbles do you think will fill the container below?

This is what one marble looks like.



Extra Challenge: A bag of 15 marbles cost £1.99. Can you use the answer of 200 marbles to work out how much it would cost to fill the container?

Friday 29th September 2023

Extra Challenge deadline extended until 3rd November.

It will take 200 marbles to fill the container.


Congratulations to Katerina in Yr 4 who estimated 150 and Oliver in Yr 4 who estimated 250. Both will receive a certificate and a small prize.