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Queensmead Primary Academy

Helping your child deal with their Anxiety - COVID-19

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety in Children During Covid-19

The Leicester City Council's SEMH Team have put together the following information to support your child through this difficult time:

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety in Children During Covid-19

Many children will be struggling with anxious feelings at this time, the following are some ways in which we might support them (and yourselves) during this time.

  • Acknowledge the child’s anxiety as real and understandable, share that others are feeling anxious too but that there are ways we can help ourselves to cope with the feeling.
  • Help them to realise however that this is a feeling and not impending doom. Feeling pass and actually so will the situation in time. There are things we can do to help ourselves (and others) when feelings are overwhelming us.
  • If the child is asking ‘what if’ questions, get them to consider what they could or should do if that happened, e.g. what if someone gets ill – then we will help them get better by …
  • Find time to be silly, play games and have fun giving children a rest from anxious feelings – you can’t be silly and anxious at the same time!
  • Focus  on what you have gained in the current situation (fewer work demands, more time to do things you enjoy … ) and  less on what you can’t do at the moment.  There are many things we cannot change, try to focus on the things we can.
  • Go outside when you can to be with nature.  If you can’t, open the windows to feel the fresh air, hear the birds and look at the sky and trees.
  • Show compassion to others.  Ask the child to find ways that they can be kind and help someone else.
  • Keep connected with others.  Use video links if possible, research has shown seeing faces has almost the same value in connections as being in the same room as the other person.
  • Be active and exercise as much as possible.
  • Be creative or learn a new skill.
  • Limit children’s exposure to the news and social media.
  • Create routines for children but have flexibility within then to allow the child to pursue interests.
  • Finally, as an adult caring for anxious children – take care of yourself.  Look at the things listed above and try to apply them yourself.

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