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Queensmead Primary Academy


Welcome to Our EYFS
Please keep checking this page to find out all about the exciting things that will be happening in your child's class. 


Autumn Term- Part One           

This term the EYFS pupils have been very busy settling into their new rooms and forming new friendships. They have been exploring how to identify, talk about and regulate their own feelings and emotions. They have been exposed to lots of new opportunities to help develop their skills to become independent learners. These skills have enabled them to pursue their own interests and grow in confidence.  They have explored the book ‘Colour Monster’ and completed lots of ‘monster’ type activities, including baking ‘monster cupcakes’ and drawing their ‘monster families’. They have started the challenging journey to read and write and have already obtained 20 new phonemes, which is amazing.  





Parent Workshops – Literacy & Number

We invited parents to share in their child’s learning. Our literacy workshop demonstrated to parents how we teach Little Wandle Phonics and early reading skills through sharing stories. Our number workshop demonstrated how we teach early Number concepts such as subitising and number recognition. During each workshop, parents had lots of opportunities to engage in activities that related to each focus with their child. Everyone had a great time and feedback from all parents was extremely positive.




Autumn Term- Part Two

During the 2nd half of the Autumn term, the pupils in EYFS have been finding out about different places in the World with a focus on The Arctic and India.  They learnt about what they might see in the different places and how those places compare to where they live.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed the Snow Ball.                                                                                                                                                                  Reception children have been working hard in phonics and are now using the sounds they have learnt to begin to read and write.  Nursery children have been tuning into sounds and enjoying their focus storybooks and rhymes.  They are beginning to retell the main events of the stories using the language they have learnt from the books.                                                                                                                            In number, some children have continued to work on their number recognition and counting skills as well as becoming familiar with five frames and ten frames. They have also been solving simple addition using objects.  Other children have been enjoying counting songs and rhymes as well as subitising small amounts and practising their counting for larger amounts.                                                                            The children have also enjoyed going on Winter walks, pond dipping, making pumpkin soup and designing their own packaging.  They had a wonderful trip to the theatre to watch the fantastic "The owl who came for Christmas."                                                                                                                                        In the last few weeks, the pupils performed their angels and stars dances as part of the EYFS/KS1 nativity which they hope you enjoyed.  Santa came to visit twice, reading stories during his first visit and giving each child a gift during his second visit.

Spring Term-Part One

What a busy term the EYFS pupils have had! Over the past six weeks they have explored space through theme work and learnt about several astronauts including Mae Jemison and Tim Peake. They have developed a simple understanding of forces including gravity, floating and sinking and magnets. They have continued to expand their vocabulary through stories/ experiences and a second visit to the school pond was made to discover if there had been any changes since their last visit in the Autumn. Lots of time has been spent acquiring a new bank of phonic sounds (phase 3) and grown-ups came to school to see how well the pupils’ applied this into their reading/ phonics lessons.  They finished off the term with a ‘Going for Gold’ party (a reward for amazing eBook reading) and a number morning with their grown-ups. Well done EYFS for a super term!



Spring Term - Part Two 

Although this term was very short, it didn’t stop the fabulous opportunities we had to share our learning with our grown-ups.  We started the term off with a very exciting trip to Pizza Express. Several of our parents came along and helped us bake the most delicious pizzas. Later that week we held a very special event for our F1 mums. A great time was had completing crafts and eating lots of tasty treats.  We finished the term with our Biscuits and Books event. Lots of our adults came into school to listen to our fantastic reading and then shared several stories with us whilst munching on scrumptious biscuits.            We love it when our grown-ups get to share these special times with us at school.





Summer Term - Part One 

We have had another busy half-term in EYFS with lots of learning about history through our "Past Through Pages" topic.  We began in the time of the dinosaurs before moving on to the Stone Age and finding out about prehistoric animals and how people in the Stone Age lived their lives.  We explored the similarities and differences between then and now.  To continue our journey back in time, we then looked at life in 1940's and 1960's.  For each era, we looked at books set in that time.   We created a timeline and talked about kings and queens during some of those times. The children also thought about their own history and how they have changed from being a baby to now.  The children loved making up their own stories in the 1940's role-play area and looking after and caring for babies in the nursery role-play area.    The children created their own artwork inspired by the different books we read.  They used a range of media and skills that they have been developing in their art and DT sessions. F2 have been mastering their knowledge of number bonds to 5 and have started exploring number bonds to 10.  F1 have been growing their mathematical vocabulary using positional language, measuring and comparing. We have been pond dipping to see what is new in the pond as the weather started to improve in Spring. We also found out about who celebrates Eid and how and why it is celebrated.