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Queensmead Primary Academy

Early Reading and Phonics

Wyvil School - Phonics & Reading

Summary of Curriculum Intent

'I love doing phonics and learning new sounds'

'Phonics is my favourite - I know lots of sounds'

At Queensmead, we believe that all our children can become fluent readers and writers. This is why we teach reading through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised, which is a systematic and synthetic phonics programme. We start teaching phonics in Nursery and follow the Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds Progression, which ensures children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell as they move through school.

As a result, all our children are able to tackle unfamiliar words as they read. We also model the application of the alphabetic code through phonics in shared reading and writing, both inside and outside of the phonics lesson and across the curriculum. We have a strong focus on language development for our children because we know that speaking and listening are crucial skills for reading and writing in all subjects.

Phonics Opportunities

Support from parents is a vital component of phonics provision: we offer regular workshops, interactive sessions and special events for families to engage and explore phonics learning in a range of contexts. These are well attended and have a positive impact on the children's phonological learning.

'The Phonics Workshop really helped me to understand what it's all about - I was confused but now I'm much more confident'


We are delighted to share a whole library of electronic books for families to access at home in order to share their reading experience. Here is the link to our E-book website for Foundation Stage 2 and Year 1 children to access their phonically decodable texts- enjoy browsing this virtual library!

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