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Queensmead Primary Academy


Summary of Curriculum Intent


Roman day was amazing - we dressed up and learnt how to march like a centurion!'

'We had a Roman feast and I tried olives - they were horrible!' 

It is our aim that pupils at Queensmead Primary Academy foster an enthusiasm and curiosity about history and learning about the past through an engaging and varied curriculum, developing skills and understanding which can be applied to any area of history.

Our History curriculum draws from, and makes full use of, the immediate and wider local area, from Braunstone Hall to Bosworth Battlefield, enabling children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history of their locality. 

Braunstone Hall in 1925

Our topics are informed by the national curriculum and are responsive to children’s interests, as well as the context of the local area. Our younger pupils are provided with opportunities to compare various aspects of their own lives with different historical periods, including significant events and people. Our KS2 history curriculum is organised into an exciting chronological journey from ancient civilisations to World War II, which allows our children to learn about aspects of local, British and Ancient history and develop knowledge of historical events and changes in the wider world.

At Queensmead, the history curriculum is carefully planned and structured to ensure that current learning builds on prior knowledge and skills, and that the school’s approaches are informed by current pedagogy. We explore the lives and achievements of significant historical figures and in line with our school and city's richly diverse communities, celebrate a wide variety of individuals from many cultures and their contributions.

Historical opportunities

To bring the past alive for our pupils we aim to launch or land our Historical investigations with visitors and educational visits to local historical sites. 

In year 1, pupils saw how their great-great-grandparents might have been told off in the Beaumanor Victorian School.

Year 2 pupils were visited by Samuel Pepys' maid who told us all about hiding cheese in the garden as London barned!

Our Year 3 pupils found out how Braunstone Park was used to house an American Air Division during World War II as well as 'walking like an Egyptian' with their fantastic workshop at the Leicester Museum.

The sound of Centurions marching could be heard in the playground as Year 4 made formations like the tortoise and practised their sword skills.

A Viking warrior shared his tales of Gods and mythology with Year 5 who then learnt some Viking games.

Year 6 pupils were digging for Victory at Beaumanor Hall as they experienced what life would be like for an evacuee during World War II.

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