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Queensmead Primary Academy

Modern Foreign Language


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Summary of Curriculum Intent

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'I like being able to say things in another language- I 've just learnt how to ask for things in a shop'

 'It's great singing songs in Spanish'

From Year 2 to Year 6, Spanish is taught to the children by a specialist language tutor. Our approach develops resilience and confidence in language learning as well as enjoyment of it. We implement a systematic approach to the three pillars of language learning: phonics, grammar and vocabulary. Our curriculum allows pupils to hear correct pronunciations, practise Spanish sayings/sounds, sing songs, read and write in Spanish, with lessons which are designed to be fun, progressive and build on prior learning. 

Through our Spanish curriculum, pupils understand the importance of learning another language to develop their linguistic skills, enhance intercultural understanding and promote positive attitudes to language learning throughout life. 

Modern Foreign Language Opportunities

A pen-pal scheme has provided us with the opportunity to forge links with a school in the Huelva region of Spain, with our pupils exchanging letters, videos and projects on a regular basis with Spanish school children. Through this and our commitment to languages in the curriculum, we have been accredited with an International School Award by the British Council.

Michael Gove Quote: “It is literally the case that learning languages makes  you smarter. The neural networks in the brain strengthen as a res...”

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