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Queensmead Primary Academy

Religious Education



Summary of Curriculum Intent

'St Anne's is a really big church looked after by Reverend Liz who comes to our school as well'

'I loved the stained glass windows they were beautiful'


''I've never been in a mosque before - it was so bright and colourful'

'We learned a lot from the Imam who told us all about how the mosque is used '

Religious Education (RE) is a valued and carefully considered part of the curriculum at Queensmead Primary Academy. We want to ensure that our pupils have an awareness and understanding of the beliefs and cultures within and beyond their community, and we aim to equip them with the skills to develop their enquiry and response to significant questions posed by religion and world views.

RE is fundamental to making sense of, and responding to, the world in which we live. It is therefore a subject that will be essential to pupils beyond their school life as they make their way in a world where they will encounter ways of life and beliefs that are different from their own. It is also particularly vital when considering the needs of our pupils in the context of their local community. Leicester is a vibrant, multi-cultural city and it is important to us that our pupils have an awareness, appreciation and respect for the diversity of their local area.

RE Opportunities

In order to fully appreciate the wonderfully diverse range of faiths here in Leicester City, we aim for each pupil to have visited a variety of places of worship over their years at Queensmead. Recent visits have included St Anne's Church,  Jain Temple, Leicester Central Mosque, Hindu Temple and Harvest City Church. We also invite faith believers from a number of different faiths to come into school to talk about their experiences as believers.


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