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Queensmead Primary Academy

School Council

Twyning School: School Council

Meet our School Council Representatives




      Message from the School Council

We are here to make sure that all the children in our school are happy! We represent the views of all pupils and work together to improve our school. We will work hard to make sure that children have their voices heard.

Our democracy

A new School Council is elected each year by each class who vote for their own representative. These pupils in both KS1 and 2 form a central group who canvass their classes about any issues or improvements to be made in school. These suggestions are then shared with the Council who then liaise with the Principal and SLT to discuss positive outcomes.

Pupils voice is championed at Queensmead and the School Council embody the drive to ensure that pupil voices are heard and acted on.

Members of School Council are offered the opportunity to campaign to be the Academy Prime Minister which brings additional powers and a budget to spend! Members create and organise their own manifesto and try to persuade pupils to vote for them in assemblies and in their hustings!

A Prime Minister Election takes place with each pupil and member of staff voting for the most suitable candidate - just like real life!

Votes are counted and verified with the winner being announced and the Prime Minister taking up their role and many responsibilities.