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Queensmead Primary Academy

Staying Safe

Your safety is very important to us here at the Academy and we will do everything we can to make sure that you learn in a safe environment.  If you do feel unsafe at any time, you must tell an adult you trust so that we know about the problem and can deal with it.

Adults that can help can be:

  • your class teachers
  • class support staff
  • Mrs Latham
  • Mrs Peutherer
  • Miss Sewell
  • Miss Hargreaves
  • Midday supervisors

In fact ............ any adult in school is always happy and ready to listen if you have a problem.

Pupils who can help:

  • Peacekeepers 
  • School Council
  • Sports Leaders
Bullying is not acceptable.

A bully is someone who hurts someone else by using behaviour which is meant to hurt, frighten or upset another person. This behaviour is repeated frequently.


Remember what we learn in school:

To get the help you need, you must tell someone.

This can be someone in school or someone at home - the most important thing to remember is that you tell someone who can then help you.